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Each moment counts when creating a loyal customer

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Why Customer Loyalty Matters:

Loyalty leaders use superior service as a competitive advantage to keep customers coming back—and 70% of a great customer experience comes down to the behavior of frontline employees. So are your leaders coaching your frontline employees to provide a better experience than your competitors? And is that service consistent across the organization?


At FranklinCovey, we help front line leaders inspire, train, and coach their employees to delight more customers. We also provide accurate customer service metrics for holding frontline teams accountable. Within two to three years, our clients frequently delight 5-10% more customers—making a big impact on their bottom line and delivering a 5-10X return on their FranklinCovey investment.

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A Completely Different Approach

So you want to improve customer service? Learn how FranklinCovey can help.



Are Your Customer Metrics Telling the Truth?

Are you ranking your frontline teams unfairly? Read the whitepaper to learn more.



How to Fix The Fundamental Flaw In How You Measure Customer Satisfaction

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“Loyalty is earned one great experience at a time. Each interaction should be a deposit in building a lifelong relationship.”

-Sandy Rogers


All Customer Loyalty Solutions

Leading Customer Loyalty™

Unlike other customer-service training courses, Leading Customer Loyalty transforms frontline managers from the inside out, and teaches them how to model, teach, and reinforce three principles (empathy, responsibility, and generosity) and six critical practices needed for earning loyalty. 


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The 7 Habits® of Outstanding Customer Service

Inspire your frontline employees to serve customers in ways that will delight them and increase their loyalty to your organization. This work session trains employees from the inside-out how to delight a much higher percentage of their customers.



Employee Loyalty and Engagement (ELE) Solution

The FranklinCovey ELE helps organizations measure and improve employee loyalty and engagement towards their most important goals. The process begins with a brief Web survey for employees followed by bottom-up action planning to drive organizational change. 



Net Promoter System (NPS)

FranklinCovey begins by insuring you have an accurate and reliable measurement of the customer service provided across your organization. We typically use a high co-op rate phone survey to capture a representative sample of all customer attitudes combined with email surveys to give every customer a voice.